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3:35 PM

I am sitting here plotting as I so often do and would love to get you in on it. I have some ideas for upcoming blog posts: could you let me know if they'd interest you, or suggest what you'd like to hear about?

The importance of magnesium - As slowly every person in the world reads The Miracle of Magnesium I will explain my take on things and try to convince you that I've been promoting magnesium since before it was popular too! Really - ask Calvin!

Natural sunscreen - Some of them are crappy so I'd like to tell you which I like.

Spring gardening - Okay, hang on to your hats because you know I'm going to be posting like a crazy person about every single sprout.

A great book: How to Talk so Kids Will Listen and How to Listen So Kids Will Talk - I'm really trying to cool it on the parenting/pregnancy posts because I know that not everyone on here is a mother of a first child approximately Oliver's age, but bear with me. I'm excited, okay?

But what else? You tell me!

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  1. Love to know which sunscreens are best, and where to get them

  2. Im also interested in natural sunscreen products (I have heard that coconut oil works incredibly well ... so I love your thoughts on that and also where one would buy natural sunscreen products).

    I'd also like posts on:

    -detoxing (natural and pill/ system types)
    -natural herbs and vitamins and their benefits. Id love to read things like "got a headache? Try _____ " or "trying to enduce labour? try ____" or "speed up your metabolism naturally with _____" etc etc
    -always MORE on gardening :) (which plants/ herbs / bushes are best for our climate? easiest to maintain etc.. and how to keep pesky bugs, rabbits, squirrels, deer etc OUT!)
    -Buying produce in season
    -I love the book feature idea.
    -best beginner yoga workouts /dvd's etc
    -I'd also like to hear more about the meals around your house. Maybe some recipes, but just lots of inspiration.

    Keep up the fabulous and informative work !

  3. Here is a recent post on detox and I'm teaching a seminar on it in April if you're able to attend: http://myideaofhappiness.blogspot.com/2012/01/spring-detox.html

    I will keep it coming with the herbs, nutrients, gardening, books and yoga stuff. And I like the idea of posting meals from the Harrison house. Tonight is farmer's market sausage with an array of veggies, all thrown in the skillet.

    Thanks for reading :)

  4. I love natural everything, but do natural sunscreens really work?


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