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I've been trying so many new and wonderful things lately I just had to write a post updating you on each and every one of them! Keep in mind I am doing this under the supervision of a highly active, almost Mogli-style 8-month old that gets annoyed if I so much as glance at something other than him, so I am going to much effort to tell you about these things! (And he just smirked as he pulled a shredded hardcover Douglas Coupland novel from his mouth... cute.)

Wild Sweets Sesame-Wakame Chocolate  

The first is my Easter chocolate! My mom popped down to the health food store and had a staff member, Andy, point out whatever he thought I'd like. He hit the nail on the head: a natural chocolate bar with added sesame seeds, sea salt and wakame seaweed. So delicious! I have been savouring every square of it, attempting to combat the temptation of eating the whole bar at once, and I still have about 10% of it left so I'd say I've succeeded. Nothing beats chocolate and salt together! Good job Andy! You can find this at Quarter Master Natural Foods if you live in London, Ontario.

Boscia BB Cream
So I said that there isn't really a natural form of BB cream? I was wrong! A helpful Sephora employee kindly pointed out that Boscia mades an SPF 27 BB Cream but that I might not know about it because it is constantly sold out! She was able to slip me a sample and I'm absolutely in love with what I've tried. I can't wait to get my hands on a full size.

I will be writing more on this product in the future. For now, ask a Sephora employee if it's available in your store.

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Camino Hot Chocolate

Camino has quickly become everyone's favourite Canadian, Fair Trade, organic chocolate purveyor, fervently producing chocolate products with the highest quality ingredients and supporting family farming in South America along the way. (Okay, I can't say all that without mentioning my friend Dave's new business - Habitual Chocolate. This stuff goes beyond what you can find in a grocery store. It is artisan quality products made with ingredients that aren't just sourced ethically but personally, by Dave's many trips to producing countries. A real treat!) Camino's dark hot chocolate powder is rich and full of flavour. I like to warm milk to the perfect temperature then pseudo-froth it using a French press, for those days when starting up the espresso machine just seems like a lot for one mug of hot chocolate.

Lush BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask

Lush never ceases to amaze me with their willingness to give out samples. Recently while killing time in a mall while other people had shopping to do (I hate shopping) I spoke with an employee long enough that she wanted me to take home some seaweed face mask. The stuff is fresh enough that you actually need to get it in the fridge within 4 hours. It smells like a basement (love it) and feels great on the skin. I can't speak for the ethics of this company, as they've come into question within the past few months, but I do know they use some nice ingredients and are hand-crafted.

Sircuit Skin Savant Vitamin-A Alternative Serum 

I've always known how great vitamin A, or retinol, can be for your skin but it's not always an option for everyone. Particularly pregnant women really need to watch how much vitamin A they are taking in, even if its not through food or internal supplements - facial products are very readily absorbed in the blood stream. Sircuit Skin Cosmeuticals has come out with an alternative serum that is formulated with botancials that act like retinol called Vita-a-like. It hydrates and smoothes but doesn't cause irritation like retinols can. It is an amazing anti-aging serum because it treats fine lines, wrinkles, photo-damage and hyper pigmentation, and it can be used for any skin type.

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