What the heck is BB cream and is there a natural one?

3:29 PM

If you watch any TV at all (and here's hoping you don't, but let's be honest) you've probably seen commercials for the new "BB creams". These commercials have tons of flawless models, stroking their faces and using set lighting to their advantage, but what they don't have is any explanation as to what a BB cream is! Well, My Idea of Happiness blog to the rescue!

BB cream was invented in Germany but became extremely popular in Asia. Its popularity in Asia has led to its spread into North America, where many major brands are catching on to the trend. Essentially what it is is an all-in-one cream for your face. And when I say all in one, I really mean it...

Most BB creams take the place of your acne treatment, foundation, moisturizer, toner, powder and sunscreen. Phew.

While it doesn't do quite all of these duties, the closest to a natural BB cream is Tarte's Smooth Operator. The company does use some unpronounceables, but in general does a great job of including nature's treasures in their formulas, for instance using camellia and chamomile in this product to soothe irritated skin, as well as using natural mineral pigments to act as a tinted moisturizer, and using all natural Earth-friendly soy ink on their packaging.

Apparently, Missha and SkinFood - cosmetic companies out of Korea - make "natural" BB creams but their information in English is pretty limited and I doubt they are available in Canadian retail stores.

Tarte can be found at Sephora as well as purchased online.

*UPDATE* See my new updated post here.

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