Natural BB Cream/ CC Cream Update

9:22 AM

About a year ago I posted about BB Cream, which was then a growing trend and not much was known about a "natural" variety.

Not long after that I discovered Boscia's BB Cream through a make up artist friend (Britt Havens) who works at Sephora. A co-worker of hers gave me a killer sample, and well, I fell in love. The smooth, light texture and the creaseless results are to die for. To have skin perfecting coverage, with moisturizing benefits, plus SPF sun protection, with no harsh chemicals - yes please!

And I was sure I had written an update post to let you readers know the gem I'd found. But a quick blog search tells me I didn't. Oops!

Wait! Update! I DID. Here, I slipped in a quick word about discovering Boscia.

In my original post I explained the benefits of BB cream - acne treatment, foundation, moisturizer, toner, powder, sunscreen... And apparently, the next new trend is going to be "CC Creams". They apparently retain all of the original benefits of BB creams, but with added qualities like increased coverage.

But what I also talked about there was Tarte Cosmetic's Smooth Operator. It's not really a BB cream but before knowing about Boscia's, it was all we had in our little bubble of natural/nontoxic cosmetics. Smooth Operator is nice, but, now Tarte has a real BB cream!

I'm a Tarte-a-holic. From the first time I tried their smooth blush stick in a super apricot-y colour. Hooked. So I'm happy this might be an option for me in the future.

Until then - keep natural my friends!

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